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10 Cheap health insurance companies for you

Health insurance is an amazing scheme for every individual who cares so much about their health. It is a few cheap health insurance companies with which you can get yourself and family insured. Each and every one of the companies has its own mode of operation. One might require that you pay to the health providers directly and then get the said amount paid back to you by the company.

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Another might decide that they pay directly to the health providers directly instead of you paying. In advanced countries like the United States of America, health insurance is part of your entitlement as an employee, but not so in this part of the world.

Note: Health providers stand for clinics, doctor, laboratory, hospital, or pharmacy and another healthcare practitioner.

There are so many benefits you enjoy if you and your family are insured, but that will be a story for another post. Meanwhile, check out the list of few cheap health insurance companies for you;

Cheap health insurance companies for you

Total Health Trust Limited: This health insurance company has made marks in the insurance sector. It is in the books that they are the first health insurance company to register with the NHIS. Total health also boasts of the largest number of members insured by the company, a total of 270,000 insured individuals.

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Healthcare International Limited: If you love travelling, then you don’t have to worry if you and your health are insured in a foreign land. Healthcare international has so many branches all over the countries of the world. They have planned such as the family plans, individual plans and others that are quite affordable.

Hygeia HMO Limited: Hygeia limited has proven to be one of the best and affordable insurance companies to trust. Their core values are deep-rooted in superb customer services, affordable health care, first-class services and outstanding healthcare.

Clearline International Limited: 2000 healthcare provided sounds too good to be true for an insurance company, but Clearline international boasts of such number. Having the former commissioner of health as its director surely makes it outstanding.

Multi-Shield Nigeria Limited: one out of 8 insurance companies that registered with NHIS in 2005, this is to show you that Multishield has the experience in health insurance. Having passed the NHIS accreditation I will say it is one of the best at the moment.

Premium Health Limited: premium health has up to 250,000 insured members as at the time of writing this post. They are among the biggest health insurance at the moment with awesome plans for any interested individual or organization.

Princeton Health Group: As one of the oldest Health insurance companies that have been existing since 1999 has been offering quality service since Then. The Company is affiliated with Princeton Health Incorporated with its headquarters in NewJersey, United States.

Defence Health Management Limited: If you are not a civilian, you are covered with the defense health management. The company is borne out of the idea to offer military personnel’s the best of insurance.

Maayoit Healthcare Limited: Be rest assured of quality and world-class customer service with Maayoit. They make use of 21ist century technology to offer

United Healthcare International Limited: Clarity of operation is first explained to all customers before they sign up for any plan. This is to ensure that intended members have full knowledge of available plans before signing up.

Final words

The above mentioned cheap health insurance companies all have functional websites where you can signup or read up more details about them. Make sure you get insured because the benefits are numerous. I will be discussing the benefits of health insurance in the next post on the blog.

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