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7 Toxic relationship signs you should note

Hello everyone, Today on the blog we are discussing a serious topic on a relationship, titled “ 7 toxic relationship signs you should note”

At a certain point in your life, you must have been in one form of relationship or the other. Relationships can be between school friends, between you and your boyfriend or the other way around, all have the same thing in common; bringing out the best in those in the relationship.

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In life, not all love stories end in happily ever after, the same applies in relationships they are some that are healthy while some are very toxic and not suitable for you to be in.

But how do you tell when your relationship is becoming a toxic one, the following tips below will point out if you are in a toxic one

7 Toxic Relationship signs thou should know

They discredit you: At a certain point in your relationship, you notice you are doubted at every point in time. People you call friends never believe in anything you stand for once more or even go behind you to spread lies about you, and then you need no prophet to tell you to take your leave. Such relationships are toxic and won’t do you any good.

Jealousy: The moment you sense your friends are jealous of your success, jealous of your newly acquired property or even your promotion at work, it is a clear sign such friends don’t enjoy your happiness. Such friends will never celebrate your success and their association is toxic to you.

They are untrustworthy: What is friends for if they cannot keep the little secrets you disclose to them. If the companies you keep always divulge your secrets to other parties, it is time you leave for good. Definitely, you are in a toxic relationship, your secrets might end up in the wrong hands if you continue.

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Selfishness: Selfishness is one of the major signs that point to a toxic relationship. If people you mingle with are self-centered, always seeking their own good always over yours, you are in serious trouble. Such a relationship is unfavorable to you.

Bullies: You deserve to be happy in your relationship with any human, but then if those who are supposed to make you happy end up adding to your sadness, dear friend it is time to move ahead. No matter how long the relationship has been, it doesn’t worth your happiness a bit.

Judgmental treatment: If your friends pass judgment on a certain issue concerning you without giving you a chance to tell your own side of the story, run for your life and never look back, such relationship is unfavourable and toxic for you.

Liars: A popular saying goes thus; Say the truth and it shall set you free” but most persons will prefer to be in bondage by telling lies. Are such people your friends? It is time to think twice about your association with them.

Final words

A toxic relationship is any relationship that is unfavourable to you and any moment you notice any of these signs mentioned above then you should leave and finds good people to associate with. Don’t forget that bad association corrupts good manners, therefore the earlier you find out the better for you.

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