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How to ask a guy out without sounding desperate

Hello Cribstars, welcome to the first Relationship talk on our blog. We will be discussing how to ask a guy out. The topic sounds more like a girl relationship talks most especially dating, I must tell both parties are involved (The girl and the boy) Before we proceed, I will love you to share this post with your female friends.

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How to ask a guy out

One big question you have to answer before you consider taking that chance to ask a guy out is to first of all ask yourself these questions;

What is the worst that can happen?

Is this guy worth the risk?

The moments you have convinced yourself that you have a definite answer to these questions I mentioned above, then you are ready to take the bold step to ask a guy out. Read these tips to get a clue of what you should and not do;

Walk up to him and tell him how you feel: It takes a lot of courage to do this, but if you love something or someone you have to go for it. Let me remind also that some men love when women are vocal and say what they like. When you tell him how you feel, don’t be surprise he feels the same way about you, then you guys will take it from there.

Buy him a drink: A popular saying suggests that the fastest and easiest way to the heart of any man is through his stomach. Find an opportunity to offer to buy him a drink in his favorite bar. The worst that can happen is that he might turn you down because some men might feel a bit embarrassed. Don’t let that discourage you, shoot your shot when you have the chance.

Have a friend talk to him: This clue is for the shy types that are so afraid to ask the guy out themselves. Another easy way on how you can ask a guy out is if you talk to his friends. Approach the friends and talk to them about it. The guy’s friends are very close to him to relate your message. Who knows this, might work out for you.

HOT TIP: Don’t just approach any friend of his; go straight to his best friend. He/she will be in a better position to relay your message well.

Write him a short note: This might seem like an old fashion way of asking a guy out but it still works like magic. Some men find it very attractive and pleasing to read a poem written about them. Writing sweet poems about him is another great way of conveying your message to a guy.

Slid a note in his favourite spot: Yes you read it clearly, write a written note filled with sweet words and hid it in the guys favourite spot. Every guy has a favourite spot, their school bag, near their game console, their laptop etc. Just make sure where ever you decide to drop the note, he will be able to find it.

Extra ticket trick: Only few persons can turn down an offer to go see a movie, football show or even music festival. Look inwards to know what rocks his world, if he likes football then get a football ticket for two and ask him if he would like to come see a football match with you. If he loves movies, get a ticket for two and ask him to go see a movie with you.

Example 1: Hello John I have an extra ticket to go see the movie Rampage, would you like to go with me?

Example 2: Hi, Caleb, will you be free this Saturday? I have got an extra ticket to wrestle mania. Would you love to go?

The two examples above should be enough clues on how you can start that conversation. Good luck.

How to ask a guy out

Send him an incomplete text: This is for the shy ones, if you are so shy of asking that guy out, you can send him an incomplete text then sit back and let him ask for more. Guys are curious beings and when they get such incomplete text they will like to get the whole gist. Your incomplete texts should looks like these ones below to work;

I want to say something to you, but I don’t know how to say it.

I want to say something. But I don’t know how you will react.

Do you know who I like in class? Umm… Never mind.

Can we go on a… Never mind.

I have a crush on someone. Should I tell you?

No man will read those texts and won’t like to know the rest of the story. So I guarantee this trick to get you close to your motive. When he replies or calls, then it is time to shoot your shot (ask him out)

Ask him to help you: One tricky thing about asking a guy out is if you are not doing it right, you might appear desperate. So for you not to appear so desperate ask the guy to come to help you out with something. If he is a tech-savvy, you can ask him to come to help you fix your phone. This will give you two some room to start a conversation.

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Make him ask: If the mountain does not go mohammed, mohammed should go to the mountain. It is a matter of taking it by force in a polite way this time. Throw questions like this to him;

Do you have a girlfriend?

Why don’t you have a girlfriend?

What would your girlfriend be like?

Do you like me?

I wouldn’t mind dating you.

Those questions are rhetorical questions and he will surely give you an answer

Final words on:

How to ask a guy out

Having read up to this stage shows your resilience, I hope you have learnt a lot from this post on How to ask a guy out. Take your chances when you have them and also go for what your heart wants. I wish you all the best in your endeavors.


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