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How to get pregnant with twins naturally without stress

Hello, Cribstars!!! Am so excited about the topic of the day How to get pregnant with twins. I am so happy to be writing about this topic, to me, it is kind of good news as the birth of a twin in any family means well. Common, who don’t like to have twins in their family, I have an aunt that gave birth to over 2 sets of twins (Twin pregnancy twice). It is important to note that most factors that control twin birth in a family are within the reach of the woman, but nevertheless, there are certain things you can still do if you really want to get pregnant with twins.

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How to get pregnant with twins

Straight to the topic of the day, the chances of you getting pregnant with twins depends on the following factors listed below;

Family History


Fertility Treatment


Family history: Experience has taught me that there is what we call twin gene (my own finding though) don’t worry I will explain what I mean by Twin gene. What I mean by this is this; a family who in the past has had twins in their generation is likely going to give birth to twins anytime they get married. Yes you must have seen this in your neighborhood, a grandmother with twin grandchildren.

Family history as number one point you need to know on how to get pregnant with twins is totally worth the spot. This factor supersedes every other point I am going to mention. What it means is that as a man who will like to have twin children simply get married to a twin girl or a girl with family history of giving birth to twins. I used my aunt as a case study in the beginning, I have seen this work and I believe it will work for you too.

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Nationality: Where you come from determines to an extent if you will get have twin babies or not, although there is no theory to back this up but findings shows so. Take for instance in Nigeria, twin birth make up to 20-30 in 60 pregnancies while in western Europe it is one in every 60 pregnancy and in Asia lesser than that figure. This is to say that your chances of getting pregnant with twin when you marry anyone from Nigeria is very high than when you marry someone from Asia or even Europe.

Age: People between the ages of 30 to 40 are most likely to conceive twins naturally. Women within this age range can release more than one egg in a month. Emma Cannon a fertility expert also added that the body on nearing menopause panics a little bit and releases more than one egg in a month. This way it increases the chances of sperm fertilizing more than one egg which results to you conceiving twins.

Emma cannon’s opinion about this topic is very clear on how to get pregnant with twins. It comes very close to explaining so clearly what actually goes on when twins are conceived which fertilization of two eggs by a single sperm is. Scroll up to read detailed report about how it really works.

Fertility treatment: IVF is one kind of fertility treatment that can increase your chances of having a twin. IVF emerged in late 70s and early 80s in the United States, after which the twin pregnancy rate increased tremendously. The treatment given during IVF is to increase the numbers of times your body releases eggs per month.

As a mother who will love to have twins, consider going for IVF treatments.

Diet and eating habit: Definitely you are what you eat; therefore nutrition has a role to play when it comes to conceiving twins. Women who feed more on milks and diary products are most likely to get pregnant with twins than vegetarians. As a vegan, don’t lose hope, try these 7 best foods to increase fertility

Number of kids you have had: This is game of numbers; the number of times you have given birth will also help to secure your spot to mother a twin. The more you give birth, the more chances of you getting pregnant with twins increases (considering other factors I mentioned earlier)

Having read all these tips on how to get pregnant with twins, I think you get the picture of how it works now. But before I go into conclusion it is better to further explain how

Twins are actually made and how common it is to conceive twins

Many fertility experts believe that twins are more common than we think. If only you understand how twins are made, then it will be clear.

Identical twins: Identical, or monozygotic twins are made when one egg is fertilized by one sperm, which divides into two separate embryos. These two looks like each other and share certain genetic makeup.

Non-identical twins: Non-identical or dizygotic twins are made when two separate eggs are fertilized by two separate sperm. Since they are not identical, they have separate genetic composition and different placenta too.

How to get pregnant with twins

At this point I want to draw the cotton for today’s topic. Dear Cribstar, I hope you really learnt something new on how to get pregnant with twins. The value of any knowledge acquired is in its application. I have given you very solid points on things you should do if you want to give birth to twins. Recaps of our discussion once more; get married to a twin; marry someone from West Africa, Nigeria to be precise or Europe, Make sure you are within the ages of 30 to 40, eat food that increases your fertility and go for fertility treatments such as IVF.

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