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How to make a girl like you, Tips from sweet boys association

How to make a girl like you

Welcome to this very interesting topic of the day which is how to make a girl like you😍. We have our brothers in the sweet boys association of Nigeria to thank for this amazing tips .

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The tips you are about to read is not only meant for the males, but females can also learn a lot from this, especially as it regards to initiating a relationship between the two genders.

So let’s get straight to the talk of the day👇

Tips on How to make a girl like you

1. Talk to her: The first step to making any girl like you is to engage with the lady. Girls hardly fall in love 😍 with a stranger. Therefore if you need to get a chance you need to talk to her first.

No one will love to be in a relationship with a stranger so you can start talking by visiting the places you see her more often. It can be a coffee shop, a salon, her workplace or even at the cinema.

This way your chances of talking to her is increased, and get to talk to her more often.

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2. Look neat: First impression matters a lot, the moment you approach a lady, she access your appearance instantly. If you fail her first assessment, it will be very difficult to get such a lady to like you.

To that effect, it is very crucial you look very neat and presentable. If you are a bearded man, it is advised you trim your beards so good and neat.

ladies love guys with a good set of teeth, so make sure to clean up your teeth and put on a good cologne too.

If you are in a low cut, make sure you brush your hair thoroughly.

Iron your cloth and dress properly and responsibly.

These few tips I mentioned above are part of what you should do to look neat.

3. Make her happy/laugh: you must be wondering why popular comedians get married easily to beauty queens. The secret is not in their looks, most of them are not very good looking just like some members of sweet boys association.

The secret is in their jokes, women love jokes. They easily fall in love 😍 with whoever makes them happy. Want to win her heart? Then be like a comedian.

Even if you are not that funny in nature, if you do certain things together such as seeing a movie together, it won’t be long before she finds happiness in you.

Hot tip: watch funny movies together more often eg rampages, ride along, the gods must be crazy, Mr brown etc.

4. Be her friend: As I mentioned earlier, ladies hardly fall for strangers. They feel insecure to establish that bond with someone they don’t know yet. So if you want her to like you, then absolutely you should make her your friend.

Find a way to always be by her side to be able to catch her attention. It will be easier if the girl you love is in the same class or university or even the same work as yours.

Don’t force things, girls hate that so much, start small and take things a step at a time.

5: Compliment her: If you really like someone and will love to get that love back, one of the best ways to start is a compliment.

The moment you notice something new about her looks don’t hesitate to compliment her. For instance, you notice her new hairstyle or her dressing, compliment her right there.

Be specific in your compliment, if it is her cologne you like tell her right there that you love her cologne. If it is her make up do the needful too.

Hot tip: girls love to receive compliments of qualities that make them unique. Such unique qualities can be her accent, the way she walks.

More tips on how to make a girl like you

6. Impress her: Do certain things that will impress the girl you will love to get her attention. Ladies love men with impressive skills. I mean handyman skills like fixing pipes, repairing home stuff or even professional skills like football, basketball and the rest of them.

Showcase those skills that make you very unique and I bet you she will have no option than to be in love with you.

Hot tip: Stay original and be yourself even when you want to impress her. Just be yourself.

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7. Make her feel important: Gender aside, every human love to be treated with respect. Naturally, we feel happy when we know that we are loved and held in high esteem by someone. Girls are no exception to this rule, they will love you more when they feel loved.

Make all your actions show her that you care and cherish her. Make her breakfast, show her off to your friends or even your family members. She will love you even more than she loves you when she feels that she is very dear to your heart.

8. Be romantic: Don’t be too focused on making her love you so fast while leaving behind the major ingredient, Romance.

Being romantic means acknowledging how special a person is, and that means demonstrating that you know––better than anyone else in the world—–what makes her unique.

Pay attention when she’s talking! Keep a mental list of things that she loves and that makes her unique. What are her quirky (perhaps secret) interests, obsessions, and fantasies? What makes her eyes light up? Girls are quick to notice if you remember things they told you a long while ago.

9. Be yourself: Nothing beats originality. People will love you for who you are and not who you are trying to be. Love lasts longer when you are original and do things you love doing.

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Final words on How to get a girl to like you.

At this point, I think you should have learned from the tips and hot tips on how to get a girl to like you. The most important thing in each step you take is to be original and no matter what a girl will always love you for who you are.

There is always a type of woman for every man.

I wish you good luck in your bid to getting that lady after your own heart.

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