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How to make money online fast [best tips]

I am so excited to be revealing the secrets of how to make money online fast. It has been long since I have wanted to share these tips, but one thing or another held me back, but finally, here we are.

Am I going to share these tips for free?

Yes of course, though I might not be a guru or an online heavyweight, I know I have left the newbie stage not quite long, so I am going to share those tips and platforms you need to make money online fast.

These tips you will read is 100% what I have seen work and I will quickly do that so you can start earning when you put the knowledge to test.

These tips will be divided into sections, namely ;


Mini importation


Affiliate marketing

How to make money online fast

Freelancing: This is one of my favourites, that’s why it took the first spot. In case you are wondering what freelancing is all about, in my little definition, it is offering different services to individuals or companies you have no affiliation with. Freelancing, you can offer these services ;


Website design

Graphic design

Data analysis

Voice over

Lyrics writing

Search engine optimization

Video editing/ animation

Social media marketing

Sales copywriting

And so many other services you can offer depending on your skill and get paid for it.

At this point, you might be asking the question, I have the skills you mentioned above, how and where do I get people to hire me ?

Don’t stress much, below are the list of marketplaces where you can sign up and offer your services.

List of freelance websites to make money online fast

Fiverr: I have to be honest here, fiverr is a platform I started my journey with, and i am grateful for this platform ,having achieved certain financial freedom with it, you can also do the same too.

Fiverr is a marketplace where you can sign up and set up gigs (services you offer ) . It is one of the best ways you can make money online fast without having to invest much . You can set up gigs on any skills you have and offer such services to people that needs it and you get paid .

You might ask , how much can I earn offering a service ?

My answer: check the picture below 👇

Note: Freelancing on fiverr is not as easy as it sounds, for you to make money online fast you need determination, persistence, hardwork, the right information and the right network .

Upwork: This is another freelance website just like fiverr where you can offer services and get paid for your time and hard work. The same principles that applies to fiverr is also applicable here .

Freelancer: This is another great website that gives you a wide customer base and the platform to offer your services . All you need is setup your account, play by the rules and make sure you deliver the jobs contracted to you and smile to the bank .

These are the major freelancer websites where it is a bit easy to get started and make money online fast .

Mini importation: In a lay man’s language, it is the act of importing products from their manufacturers, probably from China or United States of America and sell off to make a tangible amount of profit.

A case study

Let’s assume you buy a hot selling product like an electric iron that uses solar for $20(N7000) and sells it for N12000. That’s is a whopping profit of about N5000 or less depending on the expenses. You can take up this business and make a whole of money out of it .

All you need to do is import and sell products that solve real human problems and you can see people running after you with their money to buy.

At this point you might ask , where do I buy these products from the manufacturers direct?

Well as far as I know, there are two major websites where you can buy these products at an affordable price.

They are as follows ;



The two websites I listed above are well secured, have no fear while paying for your products, but be aware of fake products and fraudulent sellers.

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How on earth do I sell products i imported?

The answer is social media. Almost half of the world population is on social media platforms such as Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and others. Signup on the platform and share your products with good picture quality, you can go over the edge by running a sponsored advert on Facebook/Instagram to make tons of sales .

Blogging: Another great way to make money online fast is to start up a blog . Blogging goes beyond buying a domain name,hosting and publishing articles. Hell no, it is way beyond that . To be able to make money blogging, you have to make research right from the moment of choosing a niche or a domain name .

You have to plan well, what your blog has to be about, who are your audience, mode of promotion. These are the things you should consider before starting a blog . I advice you should get some skills like Search engine optimization,backlink building and so many other skills if you wish to make money through your blog .

How then can I make money blogging?

You can make money on your blog when you sign up as an adsense publisher . When people visit your blog and click on the adverts that pops up and views them while reading yourblog posts, you will be paid certain amount of money by Google, owners of adsense.

You can also make money when you promote some products as an affiliate on your website . People get to buy the products you promote on your blog and you get a commission per sale or per click depending on the offer .

Note: Terms and conditions applies to the just mentioned ways of making money through blogging.

Affiliate marketing: This right here is a top online money making business. All you do in affiliate marketing is find a high converting product (physical or digital) and promote on your blog, email list or any platform quite convenient for you and earn commissions when you make a sale .

Commissions that are up to 50%, that is to say if you promote a product with a unit price of $80, you will be making $40 per sale . Imagine selling a total of 100 of such products .

100 × 40

Do the maths 😊

Where can I get products to promote?

Go over to jvzoo, warrior plus or click bank, sign up and start promoting.

Bonus info on how to make money online fast (best tips )

I have taken time to explain most of the ways on how to make money online fast with little efforts but I guess I can’t afford to leave this trending one behind , Dropshipping .

Dropshipping is a close relation of mini importation but on an entirely new level. Drop shipping is all about setting up a store and listing a particular product on it, then when customers order the product, , you quickly order the product from the seller direct with the customers address to where it will be delivered.

What did I just read ?🙄

Yes you read it right , you literally don’t need to have the product, all you need is a store and research good product, run advert for it to get sellers and when you get an order , you order from the original seller probably from Aliexpress and input the customers address , so the original seller on aliexpress can deliver the product to you your customer.

You can choose to add your profit to the price tag of the product on your store .

Can i make money online fast without spending much

My answer to this is that you can start with freelancing first as it requires less financial engagement.

But don’t have the mindset that you won’t be spending a dime, because along the way you will be needing some premium Information that dosen’t come cheap .

Final words

At this point, I think I have done enough justice to this post by giving you the tips on how you can make money online fast and platforms to start with it . The ball is now in your court, take action and see how it will turn out for you .


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