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How to plan a wedding with N50k the Nigerian way

How to plan a wedding with N50k the Nigerian way

Am so excited to be writing on this particular topic today. How to plan a wedding with Fifty thousand naira only(N50) might sound quite funny but am doing this for real. Planning a wedding in this recession has been a major task giving so many men a headache so this topic is right on point.

Don’t doubt me yet when I say it is possible to actually plan a wedding successfully with such a ridiculous amount.

I am not going to put a price tag on this, but trust me if you follow this tips, you will spend less during your wedding.

Without further a due let’s get straight to it;

How to plan a wedding

Decide to go for a court wedding

If your plan of holding a wedding ceremony on the budget I mentioned above, then you have no choice other than to go for a court wedding. Court weddings or wedding in a court is quite affordable than going for the church weddings.

Going for the church wedding will make you spend much more than you will ever imagine considering the way most churches conduct their weddings now. Court wedding is budget friendly and saves a lot of time and stress too.

In case you are wondering how much it costs to get wedded in a court, it cost Twenty-five thousand naira (N25, 000) to get everything done, including the marriage certificate.

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Go for your old suit

Am not trying to sound odd but I know you have a suit already so why go for another if the old one is not in good shape get a tailor to help you put it in order. The fact that you are on a budget does not mean you should look funny on your wedding day. It will not cost you much to get that old suite fixed.

On the side of the lady, since we already choose to go by a court wedding, you don’t need a wedding gown. Kindly be in your best dress, well ironed and put on the best smile you got a girl, it is your day.

Get a friend’s Car/Uber

If you have the money flaunt it, go on charter a fleet of a car but since we don’t have that much to spend on this special day lets use what we got.  As a man you must have that friend with that sleek car, perfect, now is time to holla at him/her.

Anyone you call a friend would not hesitate to lend his car knowing full well you are using it for your wedding. You can be nice by suggesting fueling the car to and fro the venue for the wedding, that sound good right?

Moving on how to plan a wedding within a good budget

In a situation where you have no one to talk to about the car, you can call an Uber driver, their services are quite affordable.

Get a nice and affordable ring

This where some persons get it wrong. Rings are a symbol of unity between you two; it is special but shouldn’t be why you should get loans from banks to buy.  There is quality yet affordable ones out there, visit the mall and find out for yourself.

Reception should be strictly by Invitation

This is another good way on how to plan a wedding within a tight budget that won’t break the bank. In Nigeria why most couples go broke or go borrowing after their wedding is because more number of persons showed up at the wedding.

No matter how much you budget for drinks and food, if you don’t restrict a number of persons that show up at the venue, you will end up spending more than you have in your bank. So to take care of this, the couple will only invite close relations and the people they cherish and nothing more.

Rent a nice space

How to plan a wedding within a budget involves you think outside the box. Don’t rent out a five-star space that will put you in debts after the wedding. It is simply not a wise decision. Rather visit some churches around with some nice spaces for a wedding reception, or event centers around your city.

Cut down on bridal train/best men

Some persons like it loud and large when it comes to bridal train, it is your choice. If you must have a huge line up of bridal train, then you should only get friends who are well to do. Your bride’s maid or best men will carter for their clothing.

Hook up with a photographer friend

Pictures and videos are part of what people spend mostly on during their weddings. So don’t be surprised finding it on our list of how to plan a wedding. You surely need a photographer to take pictures on your special day, so meet that photographer friend of yours.

If you don’t have any, then visit this photography website for photographers in Nigeria

Final words on How to plan a wedding

Am very glad I was able to give out these mind-blowing tips on how to plan a wedding that won’t break the bank. Most of the tips I explained are based on those things that people spend on the most while planning a wedding.

Such things like; Rings, clothes to wear, wedding reception, photography etc. Having pointed all these out, I am sure you will act on them and apply them while planning your wedding.

I wish you the best on your special day.

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