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Most common foods for hair growth very fast

Today we will be discussing foods for hair growth. A popular saying goes thus; you are what you eat. Our hair also reflects what we eat. Healthy hair growth starts from the inside Most cases of thin and sparse hairs usually result from poor nutrition. If you are a victim, fear no more because we have good news.

Here are common foods for hair growth very fast

  1. EGGS

We all know that using eggs on the hair externally works great, but it doesn’t only work externally, it gives your hair that extra boost when eaten too. Eggs are rich in protein and are also a source of iron. Proteins generally enhance growth and hair growth isn’t an exception. Iron, on the other hand, helps carry oxygen to the hair follicles, which is the main source of hair growth. With a deficient amount of protein and iron in the body, one is highly susceptible to hair loss and damage. Moderation still remains key, so you should be careful not to consume eggs in excess so you don’t get your cholesterol level running up.

N:B: Boiled eggs are a better and healthier option.


Generally, green leafy vegetables are not very desirable as a lot of people tend to shy away from consuming them often. These vegetables are loaded with nutrients and they are very affordable and readily available too. Green leafy vegetables such as pumpkin leaves, garden egg leaves, spinach and lettuce are a great source of vitamin c, iron, beta carotene and folate. These nutrients help to keep the hair follicle naturally oiled and strong and also prevents your hair from drying out and breaking off so easily. So, ladies and gents, embrace more greens and your hair will love you for that. Remember to consume them either fresh or with minimum heat. Never overcook your veggies!


Just like eggs, avocados work wonders for both the hair internally and externally. Externally, avocados work as both great hair conditioner and hair mask; whereas internally, they supply the body and hair with some essential vitamins.  Vitamin deficiency can lead to hair loss or slow down the growth process.  Avocados are high in vitamins B and E which work at the cellular level to protect and strengthen hair. Vitamin B is essential for hair growth and vitamin E helps repair damage on the scalp which may stop or prevent hair growth

  1. BEANS

The bean family is another undesirable group which fortunately or unfortunately is loaded with nutrients which your hair loves. Beans such as the popular black-eyed peas, kidney beans, pigeon peas(fio-fio) and black turtle beans(akidi) are a great source of iron, zinc, biotin and protein. Biotin has always been known to halt and reverse hair loss processes. Who knew this awesome nutrient could be found in beans? So, all ye haters of beans, you are sure missing out on a lot of nutrients.


Just like beans, poultry such as chicken and turkey are a good source of protein and biotin. This help strengthen  the hair and also increase the bioavailability of iron, which promotes hair growth

  1. OATS

Oats provide the body with an abundance of vitamins and minerals which prevent hair loss and stimulates hair growth. Oats are a good source of B vitamins, zinc, copper, potassium and iron, all of which work together to ensure optimal health of the hair and body in general. A bowl of oats for breakfast provides a healthy start to your day, and adding nutrient-packed foods to your oatmeal can help with nutrient deficiency-related hair loss.


Carrots are an excellent source of beta carotene, which the body converts to vitamin A. Vitamin A promotes healthy sebum production, which leaves the hair shiny. Carrots are known to add thickness to the hair and make the hair grow faster. Regular eating of carrots helps stimulate hair growth, make hair lustrous, improve blood circulation, strengthen the hair, protect hair from external damages like pollution and also help prevent breakage of hair and hair fall. To get the most benefits, eat your carrots raw, either by snacking on it or blending it into a juice alone or with other fruits.


Sweet potatoes are loaded with beta carotene, the precursor for vitamin A that not only promotes a healthy scalp but effectively promotes hair growth, too. It also helps produce and protect the oils that sustain the scalp, and being low on vitamin A can even leave you with irksome, itchy, dandruff. It is advisable to choose foods loaded with beta carotene over supplementing with high doses (over 2500 milligrams) of vitamin A from retinol since it can be toxic at very high levels.

  1. NUTS

Nuts contain a wide variety of nutrients, including protein, vitamins and minerals, healthy fats and phytochemicals that is essential for solving the problem of hair loss as well as dull hair. Eating nuts regularly will keep your hair healthy for years. There is no need to eat huge amounts of nuts to enjoy proper hair growth.  You can simply eat a handful of nuts such as walnuts, cashew and peanuts.

The body needs protein to produce quality hair. Beef contains a good amount of protein along with B vitamins, iron and zinc. Lean beef can be eaten two or three times a week for optimal hair growth. For best results, try to eat fresh beef instead of the canned version. You can enjoy beef in soups, salads or as a main dish. If you do not like the taste of beef, you can opt for other lean meats like pork and lamb to encourage hair growth.

Note: If you have a high level of cholesterol, other sources of protein may be more appropriate and have less impact on your cholesterol levels.

The foods listed above are not only packed with nutrients that help strengthen hair follicles, but they also help prevent hair loss. So, when suffering from hair loss or damage, follow a diet rich in these foods to control the problem and also help increase your hair growth rate.

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