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Latest online food shopping stores in Nigeria

Latest online food shopping stores in Nigeria

Welcome, Cribstars to another interesting topic of the day, Latest online food shopping stores in Nigeria. The innovation of these online stores has made shopping so easy, you can be in the comfort of your home and order any food, or foodstuffs online.

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These food stores I believe have come to make life easy for everyone and surely you should give them a try.

Latest online food shopping stores in Nigeria Here is another new online food shopping store in Nigeria, although new to this space but totally reliable in their services. They deliver within a short period, a maximum of 59 minutes. is owned by a young Nigeria Frank umadi. They deliver fresh fruits, vegetables, household items, toiletries, drinks, beverages, health & beauty products, food cupboard, babies & child care products, drugs & pharmaceutical products, office supplies all within 59 minutes.

nkataa.comNkataa is one of the latest online food shopping stores in Nigeria. They don’t just deliver foods, they do other deliveries such as drugs and another bunch of stuff. Here is a little bit about them :

“We have a great assortment of products, carefully sourced both locally and internationally, to provide you with the best quality to suit your needs. Customer satisfaction is our aim, therefore we ensure that our prices are fair and inexpensive.

Great customer service is at the heart of our business, so your questions, comments and feedback is always welcome! We have multiple channels via which we make ourselves always available to answer your questions, address your complaints and meet your needs. We are available via our customer care line, e-mail and the Nkataa Instagram page. Nkataa has a well-trained, friendly and pleasant customer service team whose sole goal is to assist you”

Source: Nkatta  Jumia food is one of the many products the popular Jumia brand own. They area very reliable online food shopping store you should trust. I have not really used their food store but I have been a regular user on their other platforms. I must tell you they are reliable and very genuine in their dealings, therefore I think their food store will be really cool too. This is the product of two twin brothers Titus and Tobias who choose to bring the standard to the table. One can order meals of Nutritional balance from healthy production methods. Speedmeals offer hot grills, healthy foods, great tasting wine, fresh gardens salad and surprisingly a vegetarian diet. This is another online food shop that operates in Nigeria and its environ. You can order for any fruit/vegetable such as cucumber and Indomie. The last time I checked 3 pieces of cucumber is sold at #350. An average Nigerian will say it is costly, yes, but calculate 50 by 3= 150 +transport then you will see it is worth it. Supermart will save you the frustrating situation at oyingbo market. This is a mall indeed because you can order the commonest of all items toot pick. The same tooth pick you see at mama iyabo place, but the only difference is that you are doing that at your own comfort. If you don’t know the true meaning of comfort am talking about taking a look what restaurants look like these days.

More reliable online food shopping stores This online groceries store is an extension of the famous Jumia.hello, foods not only has a store for food materials and foodstuffs, but they also connect users with the best restaurants within their location. An awesome feature is that when you order you can pay on delivery, that is trust. Hello, foods are not only available in Nigeria it is active in 40 countries of the world. Virtually anything is available even tatashi pepper. The name alone tells it all. You can either buy foodstuffs from farmers or the agro-processors this feature makes it stand out from others. Do you want to prepare better affang soup then foodstantly is a place to order for your periwinkle and other items. Assorted types of meat are also sold here. Are you the type that loves comfort both at work and home or you can’t do without Nigerian soups surely Evron stores is for you at this online grocery store delivers fresh soups and stew.It is equipped with pay on delivery(POD) feature. Go check out their store at plot 35, chevron drive lekki, Lagos. I have not been outside Nigeria, although I go there in my dreams anyway, I surely know that one of the problems of Nigerians living abroad is facing is getting their locally made foods. Olumofoods provides Nigerians in Diaspora with locally made foods, even my very own snail which I call NJINA in igbo is there live.

Final words

At this point I think I have done justice to this topic, listing almost 10 online food shopping stores you should do your shoppings from here in Nigeria. I will personally recommend Mart .ng, I have not used other stores but the reviews online are quite good and positive.






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