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Top 10 cute facts about dogs that will make you fall in love

Top 10 cute facts about dogs

Introducing the pet category of our blog with this post on Top 10 cute facts about dogs. Personally, I love dogs especially when they are little, My family owned one by name Cara which we lost to food poisoning. RIP Cara, we love you.

Away from that now, quickly we will go through the Top 10 cute facts about dogs. I promise you will become a dog lover after reading this post. So let’s get to it Cribstars!!!!

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Top 10 cute facts about dogs

Dogs are smarter than your 2-year-old child

As funny as this may sound, it is true, your dog is very smart. To some extent your pet dog is smart than your two-year-old child(male/female)

It might be fair to say your 2-year-old child and your pet dog understand each other so well because they are almost on the same understanding level. Yes, dogs play much better with toddlers than they do with adults.

Dogs have a striking sense of time

Your dog has a sense of time and can be able to tell what time it is. If you are well planned and have time for every activity at home, your dog will be able to tell times for such activities. Activities such as taking a walk down the street with your pet.

One of the cute facts about dogs is that they study time and pattern of the owner. They can tell when you are gone for too long.

Dogs  have their sweat glands in one part

Dogs have their sweat glands within their paws. This contributes why you notice some moisture wherever they lay down. This cute fact about dogs explains why dogs pant more than other pets, as a way to cool their temperature which sweat glands do.

In humans, sweat glands are all over the skin to help maintain a stable temperature.

Dogs have a better sense of smell than human beings

This is another shocking true fact about dogs. Dog pets can perceive things a human sense of smell can’t even imagine perceiving. The police department makes use of dogs to detect narcotics at airport or borders.

Dogs have an exceptional hearing ability

Dogs are born deaf but their senses develop very fast, unlike humans. My Cara can hear a pin drop sound and stay alert. IF you have seen the movie THE NUT JOB you will notice a dog whistle is used by the rabbits. Dogs hear sound at a very low frequency.

Dogs and cats both slurp water the same way

Dogs and Cats are both pets loved by humans and they share something in common. They slurp water the same way. In case you are wondering what slurping mean here, it simples stands for how dogs/cats drink water.

Dogs are the biggest pet population in the United States

In the United States of America, dog pets are approximately 78.5 million in number.

Dogs release Oxytocin

Other interesting facts about dogs are that they tend to release oxytocin a love hormone when you stay into their eyes, same as humans too.

Dogs are one of the oldest pets

Slauki’s are a breed of dogs that dates far back as 2100 BC, mostly associated with Egyptians.

Most US presidents have Dog pets

It might interest you to know that more than half of United States of America president own a dog as their pet.

Dogs can get you a date

Your dog can help get you a date! One study showed that a man’s chances of getting a girl’s phone number went from 10% to 33%, just by having a dog with them. In the study, a staggering 66% of men and women would not date someone who didn’t like pets.

You should also read my post on How to ask a guy out without sounding desperate, it should help too.

There are over 600 million dogs on planet earth.

Final words on top 5 cute facts about dogs

I hope you really enjoyed this post on the Top 10 cute facts about dogs. I am hoping you get to love dogs and protect their species from extinction by adopting one.


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