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Top 10 highest paying jobs

Top 10 highest paying jobs

Welcome back everyone to this exciting blog post on the series of Top Ten. This time we will be looking at the top 10 highest paying jobs in our time. Definitely, everyone needs a well-paid job to take care of basic needs such as paying for medical bills, electric bills, insurance, tuition fees, rents and the rest. If you are young and reading this, I think you should get a career in some of these jobs am about to list below, as they are sure to take care of you so well.

Note: In case you wish to watch the video on the Top 10 highest paying jobs, then this YouTube video below is for you

Top 10 highest paying jobs

Physician/Medical doctors: Yes sitting on top of this list of highest paying jobs in our time are medical officers, most especially physicians. Health is one major booming industry and medical doctors in the health sector are taking huge sum for their contributions. The take home $195,842 per annum that is to say they take home $16,000 per month. Such an amount of money is worth it for the tremendous role they play in saving lives. Kudos to our Doctors.

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Pharmacists: This is another Job in the health sector that pays so well. Pharmacist helps prescribe the drug and dispense them. Doing this job, they get paid over $127,120 every year or even more depending on their place in the hospital’s pharmacy.

Nurse Practitioner: Still on the health sector highest paying jobs, Nurses are the main backbone of hospital operations. They are the most active in running the hospital, as every hour of the day they are there taking care of the patients and offering their services. To compensate them for this immeasurable sacrifice they get to take home $106,962/year.

Architects: This is another high paying jobs outside the health sector. They sketch plan and model houses for the government or people. Doing so, they take home $105,040 every year. This is a professional venture, most especially this era that real estate business has taken over, now is the best time to be an architect.

Lawyers: Lawyer is one of the highest paying jobs right now. The services they give are many; almost every family has their own lawyer in case the need arises. In the public sector, their services are needed, in the private sector too, real estate to be precise they are highly needed. So the high demand for their services give them that financial freedom, as most of the lawyers, take home $109,460 per annum.

Software Developers: These set of tech gurus are the new gold mine. Considering the rate at which tech giant companies such as Google, Facebook, Instagram are doing so well in the market. Therefore any software developer that lands a place/job at any of the well to do tech companies s I have mentioned above is sure to take home at least $108,879 every year. In the near future software development is going to be one of the highest paying jobs considering how fast the tech industry is growing.

Data Architect: Data or information where the money is now and anyone who can get raw data and analyze it will surely be paid handsomely. Remember this same data that got Facebook CEO mark Zuckerberg answering some questions in front of the United States senators. This is to show you that there is money in data. If you are opportune to work for a company that you collect useful data for, you should be sure of pocketing $101,900/year.

Information security analyst: I earlier mentioned data analysts as one of the highest paying jobs, now the information security analyst. They are two different job titles and description. The first collects useful data, and then the latter makes sure the data collected is secured and not leaked to the public space.  Information security analysts are paid quite well, $92,196 for a year is not bad.

Aerospace engineer: These set of engineers make sure that you have a safe flight by conducting maintenance checks on your airplanes and putting the necessarily parts of the airplane the right way to make sure safety. We all know how much it costs to board a flight, quite expensive right? So people who build the plane and all that it takes are also expensive to keep up. Aerospace engineers are paid a total of $98,332 ever year.

Note: These figures differs with your place as an engineer and the company your work for.

Marketing and sales manager: The last of the top 10 highest paying jobs of our time is the marketing and sales manager. The name is self-explanatory; they manage sales and advertise the products/services of a particular company. Doing so, the get commissions and get to take home $90,844/year.

Conclusion on Top 10 Highest paying jobs

It is a dream of so many people to land high paying jobs not to talk about the highest paying jobs as I listed above. Every dream can come true only if you work and believe towards it, getting the necessary skills and enrolling in degree programmes that will land you the dream job.

Good luck and see you all in the next post




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